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MBRS Tools and Softwares

The mTool is given by SSM for free to encourage organizations to use of XBRL document of Financial Statements, Annual Return and Exemption

How to download MBRS tool?
  1. Download mTool from https://www.ssm.com.my/Pages/Services/Other-Services/XBRL%20250918/MBRS-Preparation-Tool.aspx
  2. It would be ideal if you go through the User Manual available for download on the site www.ssm.com.my

Client will have the alternative to download the 32-bit form or 64-bit form of the application.

To check which form of the working framework your PC click on and , goto: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/827218/how-to-determine whether-a-PC is-running-a-32-bit-rendition or-64. mTool must be kept running on PCs utilizing Windows Operating Systemfurthermore, with Microsoft Office (2007, 2010 and 2013 versions).

 Important Guidelines Regarding Malaysian Business Reporting System.

Below we have mentioned some points that you need to know before using Malaysian Business Reporting System.

  • If you have wrongly selected options in Filing Information during preparation of financial statement, which will affect the result for the generated template. However, there is an option to edit filing information and make necessary changes.
  • Currently auto population feature for financial statements is not available in MBRS
  • The information provided in financial statement filing will be verified at time of uploading the document on mPortal. The system will check the auditor details who was liable at the time of financial year end date.
  • MBRS supports dual language; English and Bahasa Malaysia. As of now only English language is made available.
  • User can view the error highlighted in error window and on clicking particulars error it will navigate to that particular cell where there is error.
  • SSM can view and download XBRL file submitted to SSM through mPortal, SSM can see all the details.
  • Guidance is available on these templates in which expense item require negative sign
  • Companies can apply for rectification application if there is any correction or amendments to be made in the submitted filing.
  • It is not advised to use PDF as source of information for copy paste.


How do I access the mPortal?
  1. Access SSM’s website https://www.ssm4u.com.my/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Register as an SSM4U user.
  3. Follow instruction in the notification e-mail and visit the nearest SSM office for validation as an SSM4U user.
  4. Log-in e-Services and click MBRS icon to access mPortal.


To Conclude:

Malaysia Business Reporting system is one of the renowned platform for creating financial statement. Once the business owners understand this platform can use it for their advantages.We hope now you know how to access Malaysia Business Reporting Platform. In the event, if you need any help regarding filing financial statement you can contact to us – AccPlus, with our professional help on MBRS conversion and filing.