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Preparation of MBRS Report – Financial Statements

Lesson 2- Involvement in Stock Exchange and Director’s Report

We will learn in this article how to fill up in MBRS report in the sections – Involvement in stock exchange and director’s report. We use screen shot picture for better illustration for your understanding.

Involvement in Stock Exchange (applicable to those companies are that listed locally or overseas)

You are only required to fill up the following details in the section, if your company is a public listed company in Malaysia or outside Malaysia.

  • Date of company listed in Stock Exchange- To select the date of the company listed on the stock exchange.

  • Type of exchange the Company is listed
    • Bursa Malaysia
    • Bursa Malaysia and Foreign Exchange (dual listed)
    • Foreign Exchange Only
  • Type of Market Listed in Bursa Malaysia
    • Main Market
    • ACE Market
    • Leap Market
  • Date of Delisting (if applicable)


Director’s Report

You will need to refer to the director report in the financial statements  to fill up this section. The content of director report is governed by Section 253 of Companies Act 2016 in Malaysia. Below is extract of part section to fill up.

  • Disclosure of Director’s Report

You will need to add in text block by inserting the content of director’s report. You can copy and paste from the copy                 of report you have.

  • Numbers of director signing report – you can select either single (1) director or 2 directors
  • Name, type of identification and identification of directors signing the report


The other part section is as follow:

  • Disclosure of status of dividend -you may to select the following

  • Disclosure of contingent liability, occurrence of substantial material or unusual transactions/events, directors received or become entitled to receive other benefits by reason of contract – to select either YES or No as applicable to your Company
  • Date of signing director’s report-you can refer to the date of report is stamped to sign off by the directors.

Hope the above articles help to bring you through the process filling up the sections in MBRS report.

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