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Preparation of MBRS Report – Financial Statements 5 – Statement of Changes in Equity

The first step in the procedure for preparing Statement of Changes in Equity is clicking on Edit Components of equity. It deselects the components of equity to disclose, and an option windows pops up.

Below is the step-by-step guide and illustration on how to prepare Statement of Changes in Equity (“SOCIE”).

N1 – Click on the “Edit Components of equity” to deselect the components of equity to disclose. It will then populate an option window.

N2 – Deselect the  components of equity which are not reported in the entity’s FS. Click on “Apply” and changes will be made where only chosen components will be disclosed.

  • Issued capital – share capital/paid up capital of the Company
  • Retained earnings – accumulated profit/loss of the Company
  • Treasury shares – share repurchase (only applicable on listed company)
  • Capital reserve – general capital reserve
  • Hedging reserve – resulting from hedging accounting
  • Foreign currency translation reserve – resulting from retranslation of of foreign-currency denominated financial statements
  • Reserve of share-based payment – equity portion of share-based payments
  • Revaluation reserve-  resulting from revaluation surplus of property, plant and equipment or intangible assets
  • Statutory reserve – statutory reserve as may required by law or regulation
  • Fair value reserve – resulting from fair value measurement of financial instruments
  • Consolidation reserve – resulting on consolidation/merger accounting
  • Non-controlling interest – equity in subsidiary attributable to non-controlling interest

N3 – Fill in all the relevant disclosures for the current year as per the FS and ensure that the figures are equal to the FS.

N4 – For the “Equity attributable to owners of parent” column and “Total” column, preparers may use the “Auto calculate” function in the toolbox to sum up all the figures in these columns. Click on one empty cell in either one of the column, and click on the “Auto calculate” button.

N5 – Repeat steps N3 and N4 for the disclosure of statement of changes in equity for prior year.

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