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Preparation of MBRS Report – Financial Statements

Lesson 3- Statement of Financial Position (SOFP)

We will learn in this article how to fill up in MBRS report in the sections – Statement of Financial Position. We use screen shot picture for better illustration for your understanding. Please always check if your MBRS preparation tool are the latest with SSM –https://www.ssm.com.my/Pages/Services/Other-Services/MBRS.aspx.

The two options for filing Statement of Financial Position (SOFP) are

  • Statement of Financial Position – Current/Non-current Method, or
  • Statement of Financial Position – Order of Liquidity

This will depend on the information that was filled in “Filing Information” window.

For Statement of Financial Position – Current/Non-current Method, a user sees the following window

For Statement of Financial Position – Order of Liquidity, a user sees the following window

The fields with astrix are mandatory while the others are optional. Mandatory fields must necessarily be filled. Others need to be filled only if there is relevant information for the fields.

Presently, dummy values are filled in the fields. They must be populated with relevant data with regards to your organization.

For many-to-one concept mapping and if concepts are mapped to others, a user must mandatorily include a footnote, which would explain what others includes, along with the aggregated figures.

For one-to-one mapping, line items within the Financial Statements are mapped to the element labels within the Taxonomy in a simple one-to-one mapping

For many-to-one mapping, this occurs when a certain line item within the Financial Statements involves an aggregation of two or more element labels within the Taxonomy. For example, the preparer MUST submit details of the aggregation in the MBRS Template and sub-classification in MBRS Template


The next step is to fill up relevant filing information for your Company. Here we summarize and explain to you:

  1. At the SOFP tab, click on “See details” link of property, plant and equipment. It then goes to the subclassification section for property, plant and equipment.

2. The next step is to fill in the sub-classifications of property, plant and equipment, in the cells above the subtotal row 59

Here, the blue cells refer to total data which has been programmed to obtain an auto sum of the figures of that particular breakdown.

Once one is through with tagging, mapping, and filling in all detailed analysis and information on the relevant concepts, preparers may hide all untagged row by using the “Untagged Row” function.

This helps avoid confusion when revisiting the sub-classification statement. All rows that were not used will be hidden. Only the sub-classifications filled in will be seen. Below is an illustration of a sub-classification statement after hiding all untagged rows.

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