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Financial reporting, not an easy task, it always considers lots of paperwork with an intensive report which offer  financial information about an organization.. The Malaysian Business Reporting System (“MBRS”) helps in converting the financial data into some enlightening data. It is digital submission platform introduced by SSM based on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (“XBRL”) format in 2018. MBRS requires all companies whether it is a private company or public company registered in Malaysia to submit their annual financial statements in XBRL format to SSM once in a year.

Who will be required to file MBRS

All companies which are registered in Malaysia with SSM is required to file the annual financial statements in XBRL format (estimated to be effective from 2021). Currently, all the annual financial statements are filed in hardcopy over the counter at SSM Office.


Who are exempted for filling

Every company registered in SSM is required to file annual financial statements in XBRL format, but there is certain categories which are exempted to filling the annual financial statements in XBRL. For example, insurance institution, banking and also financial institution which are regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia.  All other companies are strictly required to file full sets of Financial Statements unless exempted by SSM.

EA2 (Application for Exemption from Filing Financial Statements in Full XBRL Format), must be submitted and approved by SSM before a company is allowed to submit a Key Financial Indicators (“KFI”) instead.


Type of fillings

The different type of statement which needs to be filed are:-

  1. Financial statements for the private companies on Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standards (“MPERS”)
  2. Financial statements for Public or Private companies on Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (“MFRS”)
  3. Financial statements for companies limited by the guarantee on MFRS
  4. Financial statements for exempt private companies which only require disclosure in the auditor report and certificate of exemption.


Type of exemption filling

In relation to the submission through MBRS, there are certain exemption for filing which companies can apply on the MBRS portal:

  • EA1- This application is concide with foreign subsidiary financial year ended with holding company.
  • EA2- This application is to apply exemption from filling financial statement in the full XBRL format.
  • EA3- This application is for the foreign company to waives the lodgement of financial statement.
  • EA4A- This application is for the relief from the necessity of the content in the report of the director.
  • EB4A- This application is for the relief from the requirements as to form and content of financial statements
  • EA5A – This application is for giving time extension for circulation of financial Statements and Reports
  • EA5B – This application is for extended time for lodge report and financial statement
  • EA6- This application is used for extended the timing to hold annual general meeting
  • EA8- This application is for ministry approval on filing of annual financial statements

All exemption application must be submitted and approved by SSM before filing relevant financial statements or KFI on MBRS portal.